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Travel to Skiathos

By boat

Travelling by sea, Skiathos is accessible from the ports of Mantoudi (Evoia island)-all year, Agios Konstantinos-seasonal, Volos-all year.

If your journey starts from Athens (or further south) Mantoudi (Kimasi Port in Google Maps) is the closest port to catch the ferry. Set your destination for Kimasi Port, drive through Halkida to Psahna village and head for the villages of Prokopi, Mantoudi and then Kimasi port.

If you prefer travelling through the E75 highway, drive north heading to Thessaloniki-approximately at 165 km catch the exit to Agios Konstantinos port.

If you prefer Volos port, catch E75 highway from Athens (and southern points of origin) heading north towards Thessaloniki (reverse direction if travel originates from Thessaloniki) and follow the exits to Volos Port. From Athens driving north expect approximately 3 hour drive and from Thessaloniki approximately 2 hours drive to Volos.

By plane

Travelling by air, Skiathos island is accessible all year by daily flights from the Athens International Airport.  The route is serviced by Sky Express and Aegean Airlines.  In order to find more information about the available flights, timetables and ticket bookings please click on the respective airline names.

Additionally Skiathos island is accessible during the summer months by charter flights from most major cities of Europe as well as from select cities of the world!

Lastly please keep in mind that the Sporades islands are great for private holidays; Skiathos International Airport is well equipped to handle private planes for guests that wish to enjoy luxurious, private holidays.

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