Where it all started

Skiathea land had always been planted with olive trees and vineyards. My grandfather with his relatives used to harvest olive oils in November and grapes in September of each year. This was a “ritual” process for them gathering as a family, working and harvesting the precious olive oils and grapes.

Throughout hundreds of years in Skiathea land unique huge pine trees have been growing, known as Pinus Pineas, which are among the tallest trees in Skiathos. Skiathea story begins back in 1975, when my Grandfather Philippos Kantarakis who owned the land, decided to built with his own hands a small dwelling with stones and mud! He used to live there on summer gazing at the astonishing view through a small wooden window. This marked the beginning of my father Stamatis Kantarakis dream to built a vacation home.

The dream came true

Since I was a kid, my goal was to built a vacation home. When I grew up and felt ready, I decided to built it with my father’s help.  I remember him saying: “just put a chair under a tree and enjoy the nature and the view!” Indeed, the architectural design of the Villas was based on this simple concept , i.e. having direct access to the astonishing view from everywhere in the villas.

For the first years, my family used exclusively all the premises. We hosted only relatives and close friends. In all these years, I noticed that every guest loved our home. So… “That’s it”, I thought, “let’s offer Skiathea to everyone who loves nature and sea and wants to enjoy vacation at its best in Skiathos. Skiathea Villas is an architectural art,  it respects nature and becomes one with it.


Our vision

Our vision is to host our guests in a private environment offer them luxury services through simplicity and make them feel like home!