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Relax and stay healthy and fit during your summer holidays choosing from a variety of fitness programs in cooperation with Skiathos Tennis and Fitness Center. Our collaborating certified, specialized and experienced coaches are ready to recommend the proper programs, such as functional and cross training, pilates, aqua aerobic, rehabilitation and stretching according to your fitness level. All equipment, mats and props are offered carefully sanitized and placed at your preferable spot in Skiathea Villas, outdoors by the pool, at our garden, our patios or even indoors. Just bring your positive energetic mood and let the rest at our coaches! Enjoy our beautiful island keeping up with your fitness goals.



If cycling is one of the activities you enjoy on holiday, Skiathea Villas offer you the opportunity to indulge in your favourite hobby. Discover the rich and lush nature of Skiathos with bike rides and seize the chance to observe and appreciate the daily life in Skiathos.

Skiathea Villas provide a friendly and comfortable environment for guests helping them to explore Skiathos by bicycle. It belongs to the Bike Friendly Hotels network by NatTour. We collaborate with Miltos Polyzos Bike Rentals, the well-established local company, providing bike and equipment rental and service, guided tours, suggestions for routes and customized programs to potential visitors. The electronic and printed maps provided by Skiathea Villas will help you discover Skiathos and see another perspective, that of the traveler!

Amongst others Skiathea Villas offer:

  • Area map including cycling routes on the island.
  • Space for secure bicycle parking and storage.
  • Availability of tool kit (free service).
  • Washing machine available (free service).
  • Possibility to rent and repair bicycles (extra charge).
  • Parking spaces – special rack for bicycles.
  • Providing wellness services: massage, body & physiotherapy treatments.

Below you can have a look at the recommended bike routes maps, all starting from our villas!

Route 1: Mandraki Panorama

Route 2: From Skiathea to Xanemos

Route 3: From Skiathea to Aselinos beach and Panagia Kounistra Monastery 

Route 4: From Skiathea to Kechria 


Don’t miss the unique opportunity to enjoy the Aegean sea as “a lazy sailor”. Enjoy the adventure and simultaneously relax on board through daily or multiple days cruises around Skiathos and Sporades complex. Treat yourself and family with a few days of total relaxation and enjoy the freedom of sailing in the North Sporades island. A delight you would want to experience over and over again. Mini sailing cruises can be organized any day from May till the end of October. Contact us for more info!



Skiathos has many well-equipped diving schools, providing courses and equipment for scuba diving and snorkelling, so you can admire the magical marine world first-hand. All dives include transportation to the diving site, the necessary equipment and supervision of a qualified instructor.

Diving in Skiathos Aegean waters and coming closer to the sea and the natural environment is a unique experience because of the amazing crystal blue waters, the high temperature under sea (20-26°C) and the very good underwater visibility of up to 30 meters. All the above, combined with the diving schools’ policy that gives emphasis to security and on respecting the natural environment, this experience becomes a magnificent sensation. Discover “in depth” Skiathos island and have a truly unforgettable holiday. 


Skiathos Tennis Club & Leisure Center is here for everyone who loves playing tennis and enjoy exceptional food, refreshing cocktails, drinks and smoothies.

The Tennis Club of Skiathos, offers: 4 tournament quality clay courts, in green & shady surroundings, 1 artificial grass court, floodlit at night during the summer months and private tennis coaching by our professional staff. In addition, the tennis courts are available for tournament organization. Please note that an artificial Mini Football pitch is also available. The Tennis Club of Skiathos, is equipped with a comfortable, spacious pool where visitors can enjoy the warm sun lying on the lounge chairs, while drinking a refreshing cocktail from the pool bar.

Tennis coaches offer private lessons for beginners / advanced players, Group lessons, Tennis for family and Tennis Xpress program for adults. Tennis Xpress is an ITF Official Programme aimed at offering an active and dynamic introduction to tennis for starter adult players.

In addition, during summer period you may have the chance to watch federal tennis tournaments.


Skiathos Football Club 5×5 has been operating for a few years in Skiathos and it is perfect place for some quick shoots and excitement in your holidays, only 500m away from Skiathea Villas in Troulos area!

The facilities are fully equipped, bathrooms with heating, hot water, lockers for storage of personal belongings of athletes and dispensary for every eventuality. The grass is high quality and latest technology, with underground water drainage system for ultimate safety and comfortable play even in rainy conditions. Adequate lighting will make your game enjoyable even in night time. The snack bar is available for light drinks while the reception area and the parking are available for your convenience.

Water Sports

Most beaches in Skiathos have well-equipped Water Sport schools manned with qualified and experienced staff. They know how to serve the experienced user and would not refuse to help a novice seeking an introduction to water sports. Water sports are an activity recommended not only for fans of action sports or athletes but they are also ideal for children or a group of friends.

Some water sports / sea games you can find in most of Skiathos Water Sports schools are: water rings, banana, wind surfing, sea parachute, canoe kayak, sea bicycle and of course the list does not stop here! Feel free to seek more information at the Water Sports school of your favourite beach.

Boat Hire

Definitely renting a motorboat for a day or more is one of the most recommended things to do. Skiathos is a small paradise full of beaches ready for you to explore. You can visit only a few by the road, but you will never discover the small hidden beaches if you don’t rent a boat for a day in Skiathos. We offer to you the best way to create lovely memories that you will never forget.

With experience in the field of boat rentals since 1981 and high quality boat rental services, GR Boat Rental in Skiathos, gives you the opportunity to explore the crystal blue waters of Skiathos. You can discover all beaches around the island, even those which are not accessible by car like Lalaria, Tsougria, Arko and Kastro. 


Hiking - Trail running

Skiathos has a lot more to offer than carefree summers in the sea, its wonderful beaches and clean waters. It is the only island in the entire Northern Aegean, that also offers 25 well-marked hiking trails, 197kms in length, with the following characteristics: all routes GPS-mapped, paths under steady control and cleaned, good signposting, difficulty ranging from easy to medium-to-hard, duration from 1 to 6 hours, passing through fascinating natural vistas, wonderful panoramic views, ideal spots for a quick rest or even a romantic picnic, giving you the opportunity to meet the most important areas of the island, guided hiking, photo safari (Jeep available), Geocaching, routes for Mountainbiking and finally a guidebook “Hiking in the Aegean Paradise”, containing lots of information on history, culture, places of interest and herbs of the island as well as maps and descriptions of all hiking routes.

You also have the chance to win the “hiking medal” of Skiathos – unique in Greece! Whoever can show evidence of hiking codes for the 20 trails, will receive the „Wanderer`s Medal” from Skiathos hiking club. Please note the Hiking Codes on the routes.

Experience the ideal months for hiking; April, May, September and October in one of Greece’s most beautiful islands, the evergreen Skiathos, in a natural environment.

Note that path No 4 crosses in front of Skiathea Villas!

Horseback riding

Horseback riding is a big part of Skiathos tradition, therefore a place where everyone can enjoy it couldn’t be missing from the island. Athletic Horseback Riding Club of North Sporades is a group of people with passion for riding and mostly horses. The clubs facilities are equipped to meet the needs for both horses and riders. A club house is available for everyone to enjoy a cup of coffee, cold drinks as well as ice cream. A certified trainer is always there to help and advice riders of all ages and experience.


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